100 trees by 2020 – First 20 trees now planted

The Parish Council were delighted to undertake the official planting of the first 20 trees in the 100 trees by 2020 project on Tuesday 10th May.   Member of the public, Councillors, tree guardians and two sponsors who donated towards the trees this year, Audley Homes and Feast Day Ltd assisted with the planting of the first trees.

We couldn’t do this without the fabulous help of the village tree guardians who water the trees to ensure survival when they are first planted.  its a fantastic village initiative and one which has proved health benefits for all.  The Open Spaces Committee are now looking to the next planting schedule to ensure we achieve our goal of 100 trees by 2020.

missmurphy_co_uk-7550Richard Petrik, Village Manger at Audley Chalfont Dene planting the first of the trees

missmurphy_co_uk-7688 Cllr Smith and Cllr Southworth accepting the generous donation from Richard Petrick, Audley Homes

missmurphy_co_uk-7670 Councillors, tree guardians, Inter-County Ambulance Station representatives and Coco the dog.

missmurphy_co_uk-7627 Tree guardians and Coco the dog

missmurphy_co_uk-7605Tree guardians watering the “Harry” tree.

missmurphy_co_uk-7573Sandra Clark from Feast Day Ltd sponsors of this years trees helping to plant the first tree

missmurphy_co_uk-7557 Richard Petrik from Audley Homes, sponsors of this years trees helping to plant the first tree

missmurphy_co_uk-7644 Inter County Ambulance Station representative Greg, who are kindly helping as tree guardians to trees on the A413

missmurphy_co_uk-7587 Sandra Clark and Cllr Shinner, representatives from Feast Day Ltd


Chalfont St Peter’s Tree Guardians .

We buy reasonable sized trees which tend to withstand the rigours of street life, trees that are bred for this situation, with little fruit, non allergenic, and not overly tall or spreading.

However given that research shows that over 60 % of trees die fairly soon after local authority planting, mainly due to lack of water, we had a big problem...how could we keep our trees alive for the first two years, until their roots have pushed far enough into the soil to reach water on their own.

The Parish council could not undertake to water all our new trees…there are simply not enough staff.

So we asked the community…..and up came our Tree Guardians !!!!!..who on a completely voluntary basis, have undertaken to water on a rota basis, and keep our trees alive and thriving…for all of our enjoyment and with all the health benefits trees give to the whole community.

Others have cut circles around the trees to help protect them from strimmer damage.

They are amazing people, and the next time you look at one of the village trees, and admire the leaves as they colour, or the blossom as it emerges, or enjoy the shade on a hot day…please remember our family of Tree Guardians working quietly to ensure these trees live to establish themselves…..

…..and should you spot one of them at work busy watering give them a wave and a huge thumbs UP !!!!!

 A big thank you from the whole village.

Cllr Kate Southworth



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