Neighbourhood Plan – 2nd Referendum – 8th September

You should now have received a polling card through the post for the 2nd Neighbourhood hood Plan referendum taking place on the 8th September 2016

In 2015 residents had the opportunity to vote in the referendum to approve the Neighbourhood Plan for Chalfont St Peter. The outcome of that election was an 85% vote in favour of approving the Plan.

Since that time, however, lawyers acting for Winkers Night club raised an objection in the courts that their club should not be included as a community facility as defined in the Neighbourhood Plan. The court ruled in their favour so now Winkers has been removed from the Plan and it needs to go out again for public approval. This is the only change in the revised Plan. All the other aspects and benefits to the village are just as they were before.

You now have the opportunity to vote again and if you would like the Plan to succeed, you are asked to again make some time to cast your vote. The Parish Council is fully in favour of the Plan and the long term benefits it can bring. Once approved, it will be a legal document and can be used as a platform for other enhancements that are helpful in protecting our environment and in controlling future developments in the Parish. It is important to get it in place before Chiltern’s New Local Plan is formulated

Please take a little time to cast your vote and play a vital part in the future of Chalfont St Peter.   REFERENDUM DAY – 8TH SEPTEMBER

Polling stations as normal and identified on your polling card

NP Flyer - jpeg


August 30th 2016 update – Please see below Notice of Poll and situation of polling stations. 



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