Neighbourhood Plan



March 2017

In March 2017 the website will be closed down.

A copy of the adopted Neighbourhood Plan along with all the supporting evidence in creating the plan is now available in the below links.


The adopted Neighbourhood Plan can be found HERE

The various files of evidence are listed below.

Leisure and Community Facilities 

Identifies the Schools, Leisure, Social and Health facilities within Chalfont St Peter. Each entry has a description, photo, list of facilities and owner where known.

PDF file for Leisure and Community Facilities can he found HERE


Heritage Asset Register

Identified buildings that reflect our history which should ideally be preserved.

Each entry has a description and photo.

PDF file for the Heritage Asset Register can he found HERE


Green and Open Spaces Register

A description of the ‘green spaces’ which we believe enhance the village and should be kept.  Each entry has a description, location, photo and owner where known

There is also a register of the ‘green’ areas, but this is not complete

PDF file for the Green and Open Spaces Register can be found HERE 


Neighbourhood Plan Appendices can be found HERE

A: Shop Front Design Guide

B:Character Appraisal

This report aims to establish what makes Chalfont St Peter unique and distinctive and provides an evidence base for the special residential character of the village. It is intended to be used as a tool to inform the design of residential proposals for developers, architects, planners and the local community. It is also intended to ensure that new development is not only of high quality but also appropriate in character to the existing environment and context.

The village is divided into ten character areas, each area has a description, a map and photos.

C: Planning Application Requirements

Defines the requirements for different planning applications.

D: Glossary


Sustainability Appraisal

The Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

assesses the impact the adoption and implementation of the Neighbourhood Plan will have on sustainable development principles.

PDF File for the Sustainability Appraisal can be found HERE


Consultation Documents

The content and results of the public consultations with parishioners and other interested parties are available by request to the Parish Clerk.


August 2016 – Notice of Polling stations for CDC 



July 2016  Neighbourhood Plan Referendum 8 Sept. 2016

In August everybody on the electoral role will receive a polling card through the post for the 2nd Neighbourhood hood Plan referendum taking place on the 8th September 2016

In 2015 residents had the opportunity to vote in the referendum to approve the Neighbourhood Plan for Chalfont St Peter. The outcome of that election was an 79% vote in favour of approving the Plan.

Since that time, however, lawyers acting for Winkers Night club raised an objection in the courts that their club should not be included as a community facility as defined in the Neighbourhood Plan. The court ruled in their favour so now Winkers has been removed from the Plan and it needs to go out again for public approval. This is the only change in the revised Plan. All the other aspects and benefits to the village are just as they were before.

You now have the opportunity to vote again and if you would like the Plan to succeed, you are asked to again make some time to cast your vote. The Parish Council is fully in favour of the Plan and the long term benefits it can bring. Once approved, it will be a legal document and can be used as a platform for other enhancements that are helpful in protecting our environment and in controlling future developments in the Parish. It is important to get it in place before Chiltern’s New Local Plan is formulated

Please take a little time to cast your vote and play a vital part in the future of Chalfont St Peter.   REFERENDUM DAY – 8TH SEPTEMBER

Polling stations as normal and identified on your polling card

To view the updated Neighbourhood Plan (with Winkers taken out) click HERE

If you have any questions with regard the 2nd referendum and the changes within the new Neighbourhood plan please contact the Clerk on 01753 891582

April 2016 

In March 2015 the Chalfont St Peter Neighbourhood Plan went to referendum, the result was a 79% pass to adopt the plan.  Before Chiltern District Council could formally adopt the plan they received a legal challenge by the owners of Winkers nightclub who objected to the inclusion of the nightclub in a list of community facilities in the Neighbourhood plan.

In January 2016 the Court ruled in favour of Winkers.  The effect of the judgement was to quash CDCs decision to disagree with the Examiner on the inclusion of Winkers as a community facility . This meant that Chiltern District then had to reconsider its decisions on the Examiner’s report and, whatever was decided, recommend the plan could proceed to another referendum.

A report was discussed at the Chiltern District Council Cabinet  on April 5th setting out the options for proceeding with the neighbourhood plan. The report is available to download here or on CDC  website item 11 on the report.

The outcome of this meeting was that Chiltern District Council agreed:

1)         To accept the Examiner’s recommendation that the reference in the draft Chalfont St Peter Neighbourhood Plan that Winkers Farm Country Club (Winkers Nightclub) should be removed from Table 8.1;

2)        That the Neighbourhood Plan) should proceed to referendum;

3)        That a timetable for progressing the said Neighbourhood Plan be approved, with a referendum to be held on 8th September 2016.

Full details of the referendum timetable for September 2016 will be published when available.

February & March 2015

The draft Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by the Parish Council in February 2014. It was then passed to Chiltern District Council who successfully completed their checking of the report. CDC then put the plan out for a second Public Consultation. An Examiner was appointed to review the report and responses from the consultation. The Examiner passed the Neighbourhood Plan subject to a few minor changes.

On 23rd January 2015 Chiltern District Council decided to proceed with the referendum on Thursday 5th March 2015 for the Chalfont St Peter Neighbourhood Plan.  This was subject to changes to the plan as recommended by the Examiner and CDC.  Please visit the Neighbourhood Plan website for the report and supporting documentation ( or visit CDCs website for a full description at

Please see attached the decision statement issued by Chiltern District Council with regard to the CSP Neighbourhood plan. CSP NP – CDC Decision Statement Jan 2015

Polling cards will be sent to all homes w/c 9th February 2015.  Postal vote forms can be located at the PC office or online at

The polling station locations will be:


The Chalfont St Peter Neighbourhood Plan referendum took place on the 5th March 2015, with the final count being announced at 11.30pm.

The questions asked was, Do you want Chiltern District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Chalfont St Peter to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area ?

Yes         –              1632 votes (79.3% in favour)

No          –              426 votes (20.7% against)

8 votes were rejected, 1  due to answering both questions and 7 unmarked or void for uncertainty.  The total number of votes recorded represented a relatively high 20.8% of the registered electors.

The Parish Council is delighted with the outcome and would like to thank all those involved in its creation.