Open Spaces

To view the Parish Council byelaws for open spaces please click here.

The Parish Council owns the following land:

Allotments. One area at the end of Church Lane (Love’s Delight allotments) & another off the A413, almost opposite the Esso garage (Hill House allotments). To apply for an allotment, please contact the Clerk.

• St. Peter’s Garden – a closed graveyard on Church Lane. This is still consecrated ground but is used as a public open space by permission of the Diocese.

• Garden of Rest – An open cemetery, Denham Lane

• Grazing fields – one by the Hill House allotments of about 5-6 acres let to a horse grazier on an annual lease.

The Council leases the following land:

• Cheena Meadow, Denham Lane – on a 999 year lease at a peppercorn rent. Used as recreation ground.

• Lady Gibb Millennium Wood – on a 999 year lease at £50 per year.

The Parish Council manages:

Mill Meadow

Under delegated powers from the District Council who own it. This land was bought by the District Council as public recreation ground. The Parish Council has a separate precept or budget from the District Council for managing this land, with the exception of the areas fenced off for the football club and tennis club and the play area which the Council were made to take over responsibility or have it removed. The large area between the football and tennis clubs is used by the Middle School and a small area by junior teams from the football club.

Gold Hill and Austenwood Commons

About 33 acres total under a 1913 management scheme. Management was delegated to the Parish from the Amersham Rural District Council but without a precept – probably at the time it cost virtually nothing to manage as it was grazed by cattle. Both Commons were registered under the 1899 Commons Act and were therefore exempt from further registration under the 1965 Act. Both Commons (and the GX Commons) are owned by the Lord of the Manor, Mr. David Baldwin who lives in Bourne End. He takes a keen interest in the Commons. The football pitch is used by the Gold Hill Baptist Church team and the C St P AFC teenage teams.

Maltmans Green

Registered in 1965 as Common land with no owner. The County, District and Parish Councils therefore stand in as the owner by law and are responsible for the land. In practice the Parish Council maintain the area.

Tree Donation Policy & Pricing

The Parish Council acknowledge the tremendous amount of benefits to residents and the environment from planting trees.  We launched the “Plant 100 trees by 2020” project in 2015 and are close to completion.  We would also like to offer residents the opportunity of donating towards tree planting in and around the village.  The following document outlines the policy HERE and the charges can be found HERE