Parish Council

The Parish Council of Chalfont St. Peter is a locally elected body of voluntary Councillors who make decisions on the management and use of various assets owned and/or controlled by the residents of the village. They ensure that money allocated for local use through taxation is efficiently spent in the interests of the Village.

The Parish Council can also act as a voice for the community by helping to channel any community concern regarding major developments to the correct authorities. It also helps facilitate local village entertainment and works alongside community groups. Whether it is helping to fund the local River Misbourne project or assist an older person’s action group, the couhencil is the democratic voice of Chalfont St. Peter.

There has been a Parish Council in Chalfont St Peter since 1894  when Parish Councils were first given official powers by the then Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.  Since then the popular and proudly ‘semi rural’ village of Chalfont St. Peter has grown and is one of the largest Parishes in England.  In 2006 the Parish Council moved from a single room in the Community Centre to its new offices next to the Football Club in Mill Meadow.

In addition to the monthly meeting of the Full Council there are five standing Committees which regularly meet to discuss and decide upon the various issues affecting the community. The committees are ;   Amenities and Planning, Open Spaces, Finance, Human Resources and Communications and PR.  Occasionally other Committees are set up to deal with important issues such as the Centenary Year in 1994, and the Millennium.  Working Parties are also created to undertake particular projects such as the Village Design Statement Working Party which created a design document for the village.  Apart from small scale planning applications, where the Committee has authority from Council to comment directly to the District Council, all Committees make their recommendations to the Full Council for final ratification.

The procedures governing the meetings of the Parish Council can be found here

The responsibilities and powers of the Parish Council can be found below.

The Parish Councillors

Parish Councillors are elected unpaid volunteers. Only the Chairman receives payment, a statutory yearly allowance of a few hundred pounds to cover expenses. Each Councillor is allocated a ‘ward’ (an area of the village) which they represent. Chalfont St Peter currently has a party political Parish Council and Councilors can either be co-opted along existing party lines or voted in during an election,  which takes place concurrently with the District Council elections held every four years.  Chalfont St Peter has had a number of independent Councillors who have successfully won their seat by canvassing for votes in their ward.

To view details of our Parish Councillors click here

Being a Parish Councillor is not only a rewarding and educational pastime it is a good introduction to local government. If you would like to know more about becoming a Parish Councillor click here

Council Staff 

The Parish Council is a voluntary organisation but it employs a Clerk to oversee the Councils administration and Haywardens to maintain the village’s open spaces. Details of our Clerk and Staff can be found here

The Parish Council owns the following land:

The Council leases the following land:

The Parish Council manages:

Mill Meadow

Mill Meadow is managed by The Parish Council under delegated powers from the District Council who own it. The land was originally bought by the District Council as public recreation ground. The Parish Council has a separate precept or budget from the District Council for managing this land,  with the exception of the areas fenced off for the Football Club and Tennis Club who maintain their own land under direct leases with the District Council. The play area is now maintained by the Parish Council and the area between the Football and Tennis Clubs is used by the Middle School and a small area by junior teams from the Football Club.

Gold Hill and Austenwood Commons

There is a large are of Common land in Chalfont St Peter.  About 33 acres in total are maintained under a 1913 management scheme. Management of these Commons was delegated to the Parish from the Amersham Rural District Council but without a precept as probably at the time it cost virtually nothing to manage as it was grazed by cattle. Both Commons were registered under the 1899 Commons Act and were therefore exempt from further registration under the 1965 Act. Both Commons (and the Gerrards Cross Commons) are owned by the Lord of the Manor, Mr. David Baldwin who lives in Bourne End.  He takes a keen interest in the Commons. The football pitch is used by the Gold Hill Baptist Church team and the Chalfont St Peter Softball team.

Maltmans Green

This old settlement which pre-dates Gerrards Cross was registered in 1965 as Common land with no owner. The County, District and Parish Councils therefore stand in as the owner by law and are responsible for the land.  In practice the Parish Council maintains the area.


The County Council has the statutory duty to keep these open but in practice a lot of the maintenance is done by the Parish Council, particularly in the winter. The Parish has entered into the Parish Paths Partnership with the County and the Countryside Commission whereby some of the work done on the footpaths will be paid for by the Partnership.

Bus shelters and Seats

Bus shelters and seats are all owned and maintained by the Parish Council.


There are 5 notice boards maintained by the Parish Council to display notices of meetings and byelaws. These are located at The Precinct,  Chalfont Common, top of Gold Hill Common, Cheena Meadow and Austenwood.

Street lights and Coronation Clock

The Parish Council owns about 412 street lights (as opposed to the taller highways lights) as well as the Coronation Clock at the top of Market Place. These are all maintained by the Parish Council who has a responsibility for repairing and painting them.


The Parish Council owns the planters outside the George and on the Broadway whilst also maintaining the plants in the planter outside Budgens supermarket and the two outside HSBC which belong to Chiltern District Council.

Watersplash  Garden

The garden, in the remains of the old river ford (watersplash) by the Greyhound, was built and is maintained by the Parish Council. It is hoped that the River will soon flow more regularly after repairs to the riverbed are undertaken by The Misbourne Society near Chalfont St Giles.