Planting 100 Trees by 2020


Trees are a huge asset and benefit all of us, hugely reducing the effects of pollution and the incidence of respiratory conditions such as asthma. Trees also greatly add to the quality of our village life and the general environment.


Chalfont St Peter Parish Council are delighted to announce a campaign to plant 100 new trees in the village and are asking local businesses, community groups and villagers for their help and support.


The scheme will be formally launched at this year’s Feast Day event on 27th June where a short video will be on show in the Parish Council marquee. The event will also see the winning entries in a drawing/painting competition be announced with the overall winning entry being used as the imagery for the campaign.


All local schools were contacted asking their pupils to take part. The competition has prizes in each of four age categories: five to seven years; eight to eleven; twelve to fourteen and fourteen to eighteen years.


It costs £250 to plant a new tree and all donations, sponsorships, legacies etc. (however small) will be gratefully received and recorded in a special book which will be on display at the Parish Council offices in Gravel Hill.


All donations of £250 or more will be recorded as having provided a tree or trees for the village.


Councillors Michael Day, Kate Southworth and Peter Dale are leading this exciting project and the Parish Council website will continue to provide further information. We also intend to keep the local community updated by social media and regular press updates.




As part of our Plant 100 trees in Chalfont St Peter campaign, we have produced a short video showing the benefits to the environment and health of planting trees.

The video has been made available to local schools and can be viewed here:

Our campaign aims to raise £25,000 to plant 100 trees in the village over the next five years. Donations (however small), legacies, memorial gifts, sponsorships and grants are being sought from companies, local organisations and the public.

Please contact the Parish Council office to see how you can help.



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