Chalfont St. Peter’s Refuse and Recycling

Chiltern District Council is responsible for the management of refuse and recycling from Chalfont St Peter. Our Parish Council is dedicated to ensuring maximum possible quantity of materials are recycled. This is to minimise the amounts of refuse sent to land fill sites, other harm to the environment and to save money.

Household Collections

Household collections are made on programmed days for Paper/Glass/Kitchen and Garden Waste/Refuse.

CDC now collect plastics, cans, tetra packs batteries, textiles etc from the kerbside

Recycling Centres in Chalfont St Peter

Church Lane Car Park –    Glass/Paper/Plastic Bottles/Cans/Textiles/Books

Mill Meadow Community Centre –    Glass/Paper/Plastic Bottles/Cans

The Village Hall Public House – Paper/Glass/Textiles

Scout Camp, Denham Lane

Residents are urged not to leave anything on the ground outside the containers at these recycling centres. This includes both waste material and items for recycling should the designated containers be full. To do so would constitute fly tipping and offenders would be liable for prosecution.

Main Household Waste and Recycling Centres convenient from Chalfont St Peter

Amersham, London Road after Chalfont St Giles.

Beaconsfield -A40 from BellHouse Hotel just before the M40 intersection.

The largest re-cycling centre is based in the car park next to the C of E Church and Chalfont St Peter Church of England School in Church Lane.


This small recycling area is just outside the Community Centre (Gravel Hill).