Skate Park Action Group

The CSP Parish Council is currently working with local teenagers on applying for a grant to replace the current skate park that has been sited alongside the Community Centre for almost 20 years.

According to 15 year old Lewis Revel, who brought the proposal to the Parish Council, the present park is looking rather shabby, does not meet new safety standards  and is sorely in need of a new updated all wheels park to be integrated into the existing Mill Meadow playground area.

Lewis and another committed skater, 14 year old Callum Burridge,  got together to set up a  working group, called CSP AllWheels.’ We would like a park that is accessible to skaters, scooters, rollerbladers and bmx riders, and so we went with AllWheels’, says young Callum. The boys have set up a Facebook and Instagram page – please join either or both to follow their progress, and to see some great photographs of the young people of our village in action.

Parish councillor Karen Dickson is proud of the effort the working group is making. ‘This is a great exercise in civic responsibility. These boys are taking on responsibility for trying facilities for young people in their community. They are learning the importance of consultation and engagement,  and in the need to step up if you want to make something positive happen!’

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