Village Design Statement

A brief history and explanation of the Village Design Statement for Chalfont St. Peter

Following on from the excellent initial groundfwork done by the village appraisal group, in early 2009 the Parish Council went out to the entire village of Chalfont St. Peter asking for volunteers to get involved in the creation of Chalfont St. Peter’s Village Design Statement.

A Village Design Statement is an important document that creates a planning and design guide for the future of the village. When it is adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) by the Local Planning Authority it will be a material consideration in planning decisions (backed by the courts, and by planning inspectors).

Chalfont St Peter is facing huge pressures with regards to development and a Village Design Statement that has been agreed by the entire community is a very powerful document that creates a truly democratic framework for the future of the village.

It is vital that Chalfont St Peter has a democratically agreed definition of it’s character and a Village Design Statement will be the body of evidence defining that character. This will help guide designers, architects and planners to work in harmony with the wishes of the residents of the village covering things such as the size and design of the buildings, the layout of the open spaces and the gardens, the trees, hedges and verges, the river, flora and fauna, the signs, kerbs and shop fronts and all the elements that go to make up the environment that we live in. The Chalfont St Peter Village Design Statement also takes into account sustainability issues with regards to the environment, such as the environmental impact of new and existing development and new energy technologies so that Chalfont St Peter can do it’s part for the global environment.

The first draft of the Village Design Statement has evolved from two major public meetings, a questionnaire sent to every house in Chalfont St. Peter and the hard work of a dedicated group of individuals who collated the information gathered from the public meetings and the survey, also adding their own dedicated research.

The Parish Council would like to thank on behalf of the entire community, the residents of the village who have put a great deal of time and hard work into this document.

We now invite your comments on this first draft so that it may be finalised for publication.

Download Village Design Statement (PDF)